Speak My Language 聽我說吧

Thursdays, 5:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Speak My Language 聽我說吧 is a storytelling media arts project highlighting the experiences of Chinese elders facing barriers to access in the BC healthcare system. Created through collaborations between youth and seniors, Speak My Language promotes a greater awareness of accessibility in healthcare, while teaching community members media production skills and building intergenerational connections. 


CJSR is going to broadcast the series (5 English documentaries, 5 Mandarin/Cantonese versions, and an edited recording of the launch event) every second Thursday at 5PM.

October 15: A Place of Your Own (prod. Jason Yu & Daniel Chen)

October 29: 屬於自己的道路

November 12: Displaced By Death (prod. Kaitlyn Fung & Sera Bao) 

November 26:臨終的歸屬:尋求安寧的養老院

December 10: Mei PohPoh (prod. Vanessa Myho & Cassandra Ly)

December 24: Mei 婆婆:關心愛護與堅強

January 7: Do It My Way (prod. Tintin Yang & Sophy Chu)

January 21: 隨心所欲

February 4: Never Too Old

February 18: 活到老,學到老

March 4: Celebrating Our Stories, Part 1

March 18: Celebrating Our Stories, Part 2


Production of Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice