The Rockenrolleum

Saturdays, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm | Hosted by Luke Streisel

What makes rock n’ roll so darn swell? It’s simple kids… it’s addictive. It starts out simple enough: hearing that crazed beat and screaming guitar on the radio and next thing you know you’re hooked. Spending your lonely nights at home with your headphones on, digging through bins of dusty of old records in dark dank basements, dragging your sorry soul through smoky barrooms looking for loud electric fix, and babbling like a bus stop madman about the secret truth behind it all. The more you scratch away at the surface the bigger and cooler it gets. That, my friends, is rock n’ roll.

Join us every Saturday for 60 minutes of fine rock n’ roll, as well as the history and mysteries behind it all.

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