CJSR Forever Fund

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We are unlocking a FunDrive stretch goal to start a CJSR Forever Fund!

FunDrive 2018 is going remarkably well! So well that we are adding a STRRRRETCH GOOOOAL to this year’s drive!! We are hoping to reach $115,000 by 8PM on Saturday!

What will we do with all the extra financial support? Good question – 

The money we raise over our FunDrive target are going to be used to start a CJSR Forever Fund through the Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF)! Basically, this fund will help CJSR create a self-sustaining student bursary for our student volunteers that are producing excellent (and nationally recognized) programming and, as it grows, it can help to cover operating costs too! 

To start an endowment fund, we need a minimum of $10,000. So help us keep up the momentum! Keep calling 780-492-2577×0 to donate and support CJSR today. Help us grow the CJSR Forever Fund as large as possible!

Thanks so much!


CJSR Forever (Fund)!


CJSR runs on volunteer labour and couldn’t exist without it.

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