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CJSR plays the most eclectic music in all of Edmonton. We want to play your band/rap group/folktronica act/didgeridoo orchestra. We just need your music.

To submit your music to CJSR, mail or drop off your CD, vinyl, cassette, etc. to:

Attn: Music Department
CJSR World Domination Headquarters
Room 0-09 SUB University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2J7

If you are sending a CD from outside of Canada, be sure to mark “commercial sample” on the customs form.

You can send your digital album or EP to Please don’t send links to your Spotify/Tidal/other paid streaming service, we need the files. Bandcamp download codes are fine. Dropbox, google drive or other cloud storage links are fine. Don’t send links from sites that only allow downloads for a certain number of days such as We Transfer because there is no guarantee your music will be downloaded before that date.

Here are some tips to help get your music played:

  • Make sure your submission clearly has the name of your band, album, and tracks. You’d be surprised how many discs we get without track listings.
  • We don’t accept single tracks. Albums or EPs only please.
  • Include some info about your band, namely where you are from, and identify any focus tracks from your release. Don’t bother with extra press photos and the like when a one-sheet will do.
  • Include track lengths.
  • Include a language warning for any tracks with nasty language.
  • Tag your mp3 submissions with track title, track number, artist name, and album name.
  • Contact DJs directly about your album for a better chance of getting play. Find contact information for our music shows here.

New albums go on our Gnu Wax shelf, and they are easier for DJs to see if they have a spine. Thin cases are obviously cheaper to mail, but sometimes they slip through the cracks.

CJSR also runs a special deal for LOCAL bands and musicians that want to advertise a new album: the Rock ’n’ Roll Special. For $100 you get two ads each day on CJSR, for two weeks leading up to your album release. For more info see our Advertising page.


CJSR runs on volunteer labour and couldn’t exist without it.

Show your support by pitching in.

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