What is FunDrive?

FunDrive is CJSR’s most important fundraising event! For a mere 9 days, we ask our listeners to pledge their support for independent radio in Edmonton by making donations to CJSR by calling in, or donating online.

An integral fundraising incentive during FunDrive is our daily giveaway draw, in which people who donate that day are entered to win a prize pack full of awesome stuff from local businesses and organizations. Additionally, we have tiers of CJSR & FunDrive swag, where depending on the amount one donates you will receive certain items. While swag levels vary every year, usual items include the Friends of CJSR Card, CJSR decal, FunDrive T-shirt etc.

During FunDrive, there is also specialty programming and events from beloved CJSR shows.

FunDrive ensures we can continue to rule the airwaves for another year!

Why do we have FunDrive?

Listeners who pledge their support for the station are taking an active role in keeping CJSR on the air. CJSR 88.5FM is a non-profit campus-community radio station run by a small handful of staff and over 200 unpaid volunteers. All money raised goes not only towards keeping our station running, but also towards improving it. Monies collected during FunDrive account for a large portion of CJSR’s annual operating budget.


FunDrive Art Archive

2023: Multiverse of Sound by Alex Sychuk

2022: A literal FunDrive by Coda Girvan 

2021: Audio Obscura by Parker Thiessen

2020: Audio Passport by Maaike Lynn

2019: Homegrown Radio by Borys Tarasenko 

2018: Anatomy of Radio by Raymond Biesinger


FunDrive Frequently Asked Questions

How can you pledge your support? Choose your own adventure:

Need more incentive to give? One word: swag.

  • Each year we have some super cool, limited-edition swag for FunDrive donors!

  • If you donate during FunDrive, you will also be entered to win daily giveaways! Check out our social media for more information!

Tax Receipt? 

  • If you donate $50 or more, you are eligible for a tax receipt (cuz did you know that CJSR is a registered charity?!

What is the breakdown of how donations funds are spent?

Check out our Income and Expense Pie Charts on the Donate Page (Make sure to hover your mouse over for individual values)

  • Altogether, CJSR’s money goes to the most staid, normal operating expenses you can think of. But they’re costs we have to pay and that’s why we reach out and ask our listeners for their support: offering a voice to communities that aren’t represented by the mainstream media in Edmonton is important to us and, we hope, important to our listeners. We manage to do it for next to nothing, which is why every bit helps: your donation, whatever the size, goes a long way toward keeping an alternative perspective on Edmonton’s airwaves.

Who can I contact about donations?

  • or

Why is it called FunDrive? 

  • Because it’s really fun!


CJSR runs on volunteer labour and couldn’t exist without it.

Show your support by pitching in.

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