Welcome Unheard Youth Podcast to the CJSR family!

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Starting March 21, Unheard Youth Podcast joins the airwaves every second Thursday at 5PM.

Unheard Youth is a podcast produced by the Centre for Race and Culture. Each episode, you’ll hear voices of newcomer youth from across Canada discuss topics of identity, migration and belonging. The participating youth were given the opportunity to attend various workshops on topics such as social justice, storytelling, and the use of recording equipment. Afterwards, the youth recorded and edited interviews, conversations and stories that were used to construct each episode of the series. 

Over 26 weeks, tune in every second Thursday at 5PM to hear the unheard youth and host Rose-Eva Forgues-Jenkins explore questions from “What is racism?” to “What exactly is Canadian food?”

Fun fact, Rose-Eva is also a producer for CJSR’s feminist news program Adamant Eve!



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