Volunteer Award Winners 2019

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Who picked up a golden record this year?

CJSR’s Volunteer Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of the many volunteers who keep CJSR on the air with high quality programming that challenges the status quo.

This year’s winners:

200% Fresh – Shout For Libraries

Most Reliable Fill-in – Ross Nicoll

Wildlife Wrangler Taimoore Bhatti

Holding it Together Rose-Eva Forgues-Jenkins

Tender Loving Chair Tall Brian

Right Out the Gate Shawn Hou

Knights of the CJSR table João Krieger, Robin Hebert

Fundraisiest Awards | 1 Hour Category: It Takes A Village, Runner-up: The Shoebox

Fundraisiest Awards | 2 Hour Category: Working On Leaving The Living, Runner-up:Jazzology

Fundraisiest Awards | 2 Episode Category: Big A, Little a/Rockenrolleum, Runner-up: Catch The Beat

FunDrive Superstar | Winner: John Richards

Rookie Volunteer of the Year Elizabeth Dowdell

Gary McGowan Veteran Volunteer Of the Year | PETE THE ROCKER

MVP – Hannah Cunningham

Best Gnu Show – Winner: PHASED OUT  Runner-Up: From Here We Go Sublime

Best News Show – Winner: Moving Radio  Runner-Up: Terra Informa

Dave Finkelman Award For Best Music Show – Winner: Heavy Metal Lunchbox; Runner-up: PHASED OUT

Best Co-Hosts – Winners: Phil & Tall Brian (Heavy Metal Lunchbox); Runner-up: Rylan & Brittany, History of Punk

Best Host – Winner: Ryan Rathjen (DJ Acid Wash); Runner-up: David Stone

National Campus Radio Awards

Honourable Mentions

Best in Student Programming – Youth Voices and Climate Change by Andrea Wiebe, The Journey of Chilean Exiles and Change in Identity by Marcela Cubillos

Best Documentary – The Ballad of Myrtle and Charlie Ed by Anthony Goertz

Music Award: Pop / Dance Canadian Producers by Cosmic Roots: Anna Bishop

Music Award: Indie/Rock – The Music of Spiderman by The Rockenrolleum: Luke Streisel 

Music Award: Hip-Hop/Funk – Hip Hop Spread on Planet Bread: Luca Petryshyn 

Creative Production – CJSR FunDrive Promo: Rockin’ Petes by Chad Brunet

Award Winning Programs

Women’s Hands and Voices – I’m Afraid of Men/Men are Afraid of Me by Adamant Eve: Rose-Eva Forgues-Jenkins, Lisa Pruden, Marco Visconti

Music Award: World Beat – “1983” by 5 River Beat: Ramneek Tung

Music Award: Jazz and Blues – Calling All Blues: Grant Stovel, Graham Guest


Below, some of the award winning volunteers who were able to attend:


Thanks to everybody who came out to our volunteer party and awards ceremony. Many thanks for your efforts on the stations behalf all year long – CJSR is not possible without the hard work and commitment of our many volunteers.

And thank you to the Nook Cafe for their support of this event.


CJSR runs on volunteer labour and couldn’t exist without it.

Show your support by pitching in.

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