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Congrats to the winners of the CJSR awards – and the National Campus and Community Radio Association awards!

First up, winners of the staff-selected CJSR Awards this year:

Terra Informa – Creme de la Creme

COVID-19 News – Ace News Team

Christian Zyp (Moving Radio) – Bonus Reel Award

Russell Cobb (History X) – Not on the Syllabus

Shayna Giles (Acimowin) – Outstanding Documentary

That’s Food – Sliding In on a Shrimp Sandwich

What’s the Tsismis – Let’s Make a Connection

Charlotte Thomasson (Terra Informa) – Magnetic

Sonak Patel (Terra Informa) – Tree-mendous

Liz Dowdell (Terra Informa) – Editing Extraordinaire

Calling All Blues & BPM & Erotic Dancer’s Guide to Fine Music & Phased Out – Perfect or Close to Perfect Attendance
(This list may still need some additions; give us a shout if you should be on it!)

Sarah Hoyles (makeout mixtape) – Enthusiastic Yes

Luke Streisel (The Rockenrolleum) – It’s A Family Affair

Artemis Peaslee (Gaywire) – Chaos Magic

John Huck (Sunshine After Dark) – Double the Disco

Piyush Patel/DJ Gulzar (From Here We Go Sublime) – Super Fly 

Rhea March (It Takes a Village) – FunDrive Superstar

Sabrina Tharani (History X) – Rookie of the Year

Mark Rodgers (Soul of the City) – Gary McGowan Veteran Volunteer Of the Year

Listener Awards

191 (!) of you filled out our annual listener survey, and picked the following shows to win golden records:

Best Gnu Show

  • Winner: History X
  • Runners up: Wake Up and LIVE

Best Spoken Word/News Show

  • Winners: Moving Radio
  • Runners up: Terra Informa and Acimowin

Dave Finkelman Best Music Show

  • Winners: Heavy Metal Lunch Box
  • Runners up: History of Punk

Best Co-Hosts

  • Winners: Phil and Tall Brian
  • Runners up: Rylan & Britney – The History of Punk

Best Host

  • Winner: DJ Acid Wash
  • Runners up: Luke Streisel and DJ Gulzar

National Campus and Community Radio Awards

We would also like to congratulate and celebrate all of the award winners and runners up for the National Campus and Community Radio Awards, which we like to refer to as: CRYBABYs (Campus Radio, Yes – But Also Broadcasting; Y’Awarded!). Each year at the National Campus Radio Conference, awards are presented highlighting the best radio from Community and Campus Radio Stations across the country.   

Congratulations to this year’s winners from CJSR:

What’s the Tsismis – Best in Podcasting, with Did You Hear Jenna’s NOT Italian?

Lindsey Campbell – ‘OUT LOUD’ Best in LGBT+ Programming, with One Voice

Hannah Cunningham, Elizabeth Dowdell, and Wyatt Franke – Best in Sports Programming with Yeti, Sled, Snow!

Congratulations to all of our finalists too! This year, CJSR had a ton of finalists who earned an honourable mention, including:

  • The QUILTBAG by Curtis Blandy – ‘OUT LOUD’ Best in LGBT+ Programming
  • Above the Law by Christian Zyp – Best In Breaking Barriers
  • Amy Goodwoman by Meagan Miller – Best in Creative Production
  • Call Your Grandma – Calling With Good News by Ryan Lacanilao, Russ Cobb, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips – Best in Current Affairs or Magazine Program
  • Adamant Eve – Fare Free Feminism by Autumn Moronchuk and Rose-Eva Forgues – Best in Current Affairs or Magazine Program
  • Independent Bookstores in the Era of Covid-19 by Sophia Yang – Best in Student Made Programming
  • History X – The Surrender of IR 136: Part One by Russell Cobb – The Neskie Manuel Award For Aboriginal Affairs And Culture Programming
  • Adamant Eve – Pandora’s Box: Lifting the Lid on Menstruation by Wen Chan and Michelle Deng – Woman’s Hands and Voices Award


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