2022 Golden Record Recipients

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Check out who received a Golden Record this year!

CJSR’s Volunteer Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of the many volunteers who keep CJSR on the air with high quality programming that challenges the status quo.

This year’s winners:

Enlighten & Entertain – Shout For Libraries

Outstanding First Year – Nasze Radio Canada

Crushing It! – Gaywire

Hauler of the Year – Tanner Wharry

Going the Extra Miles Trevor Talbott

FunDrive Superstarz David Stone of BPM, Nasze Radio Canada, Al Burant of The Erotic Dancer’s Guide To Fine Music, Pete the Rocker and Terry Who Rocks As Needed of The Shoebox, Touch of The Missing Link, Randy Talbot of Jazz Fifty-Eight 8

Video Made the Radio Star Daniel Kim

Hip Hop Hurray! – Esther Dimalanta

10 Years on the Air – If Hooks Could Kill, The Organ Grinder

We Miss You – Matthew Smith

Bob Brophy Award for Creative Production – Sonak Patel of Terra Informa

Rookie Volunteer of the Year Sara Chitsaz of Terra Informa

Gary McGowan Veteran Volunteer Of the Year – Rhea March of It Takes a Village

Best Gnu Show – Mayhem In the A.M.

Best News Show – Gaywire and Moving Radio

Dave Finkelman Award For Best Music Show – Winner: Heavy Metal Lunchbox; Runner-up: History of Punk

Best Co-Hosts – Winners: Phil & Tall Brian (Heavy Metal Lunchbox); Runner-up: Rylan & Brittany, History of Punk

Best Host – Winner: Joe Hartfeil (The Organ Grinder); Runner-up: Mark Rodgers (Mayhem In the A.M.)

Thank you to CO*LAB for hosting our Volunteer Appreciation Party and Awards Ceremony!



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