Charts and hot wax – April 24, 2023

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Nice New Music

Meiko Kaji
Hajiki Uta [Wewantsounds]
Japan        Rock/Pop
Reissue of groovy pop album by cult Japanese exploitation actress. A version of the last song was used in Kill Bill.

Pike [Self-Released]
Edmonton, AB        Rock/Pop
Good indie rock. Nice guitar distortion. Reminds me of Sonic Youth.

Beatrice Melissa
Surprise [Midnight Special]
Strasbourg, France        Electronic
Atmospheric nighttime electro lounge pop.

Flat Fields EP [Darkk Era]
Toronto, ON          Rock/Pop
Cool guitar forward post-punk. Tasty production. I think the cover is pretty cool too.

Simon Boisseau
Le déjeuner [Bravo]
Montreal, QC          (Neo-)Classical
Pleasant piano music



Local Adds

WaresGraceless/Cloudless [Self-Released]

Battle Them Now
Demonstration Tape [Mangled Tapes]

F&MDance Danse [Self-Released]

Major Love
Live The Dream [Self-Released]

A’Court, Spiegel & Vinnick – A’Court, Spiegel & Vinnick [Seld-Released]



CJSR CHARTS – April 24, 2023

* indicates a Canadian artist.
Artists in red are local!
Chart ranking reflects airplay during the week ending 04-24-2023.

Top 30



1    Doctor Mother Father*    Feelin’ Fine    Monopolized

2    Home Front*    Games of Power    Self-Released

3    Earth To Matilda*    Enter Geronimus    Self-Released

4    Cox and McCrae*    Beyond The Great Pause    Self-Released

5    Pony Girl*    Enny One Will Love You    Paper Bag

6    Bonnie Trash*    Hail, Hale!    Hand Drawn Dracula

7    Vopli Vidopliassova    Tantsi [reissue]    Org Music

8    Fluffy Maybes ????    Rawland    Self-Released

9    Various    Record Kicks Cinematic Nuggets    Record Kicks

10    Screaming Females    Desire Pathway    Don Giovanni

11    Sunking    Smug    Anti-

12    Hello Mary    Hello Mary    Frenchkiss

13    Spaceport    Window Seat    Aura Vortex

14    Jim Head*    Prismatic    Self-Released

15    P.J. Perry*    No Hugs    Cellar

16    Various*    Ear Worms: Live Sessions From CJSW 90.9 FM    Self-Released

17    Vanille*    La clairi?è?re    Self-Released

18    Jeando*    Club Wagon    Self-Released

19    Donny Don’t*    Graveyard Personalities    Self-Released

20    Mirror Mirror*    Imaginary Friend    Sunset Hill Miusic

21    Chadio*    Cousin of Lucy    Hand’Solo

22    Scrutineer*    5    Self-Released

23    Vav Jungle*    Oui Cafe    Self-Released

24    William Carn*    Choices    Self-Released

25    Ol’ Boots & The Hoots*    Buck Or Two Buckaroo    Self-Released

26    General Purv*    don juan without so much spam in it    Baffled Octopi

27    Death Valley Girls    Islands in the Sky    Suicide Squeeze

28    Parannoul    After The Magic    Self Released

29    Weval    Remember    Technicolour

30    King Tuff    Smalltown Stardust    Sub Pop






1    Fluffy Maybes ????    Rawland    Self-Released

2    Scrutineer*    5    Self-Released

3    Vav Jungle*    Oui Cafe    Self-Released

4    Negativland    Speech Free    Seeland

5    Jilk    Syrup House    Castles In Space

6    Keep A Weather Eye On*    Wave

7    Bristol Manor*    A Distant Urban Forest    Self-Released

8    hyenaedon*    Bovinesque    Self-Released

9    Selina Martin*    Time Spent Swimming    Self-Released

10    Debby Friday*    GOOD LUCK    Sub Pop



Hip Hop



1    Chadio*    Cousin of Lucy    Hand’Solo

2    Wax Tailor    Fishing For Accidents    Lab’Oratoire

3    LoudChief & Samil    5 Piece & A Biscuit: Everything On Everything    Below System

4    Dave Okumu and the 7 Generations    You Survived So I Might Live    Transgressive/PIAS

5    Seun Kuti & Black Thought    African Dreams    SKE80

6    Dave Okumu and the 7 Generations    The Intolerable Suffering Of (The) Other EP    Transgressive/PIAS

7    Brockhampton    The Family    RCA

8    Run The Jewels    RTJ CU4TRO    BMG

9    Cakes Da Killa    Svengali    Young Arts Records

10    Little Simz    NO THANK YOU    Forever Living Originals






1    Sunking    Smug    Anti-

2    Jim Head*    Prismatic    Self-Released

3    P.J. Perry*    No Hugs    Cellar

4    William Carn*    Choices    Self-Released

5    STR4TA    STR4TASFEAR    Brownswood

6    Up and Over Trio*    Up and Over    Bent River

7    Elizabeth Shepherd*    Three Things    Pinwheel Music

8    Big Space*    In Relation To    Self-Released

9    Jacques Kuba Séguin*    Parfum No 1    Odd Sound

10    Andrew Littleford Quintet*    Far As The Eye Can See    Self-Released






1    Home Front*    Games of Power    Self-Released

2    Vopli Vidopliassova    Tantsi [reissue]    Org Music

3    Our Last Crusade*    Death Wins    Self-Released

4    Phrozen*    Questioning Society’s Secrets    Self-Released

5    ex-cowboy*    ex-cowboy EP    Self-Released

6    Fucked Up*    One Day    Merge

7    White Lung*    Premonition    Domino

8    Gatekeeper*    From Western Shores    Cruz Del Sur

9    Loki’s Folly    SISU    Kitten Robot

10    Insomnium    Anno 1696    Century Media






1    Cox and McCrae*    Beyond The Great Pause    Self-Released

2    Ol’ Boots & The Hoots*    Buck Or Two Buckaroo    Self-Released

3    Payphones*    Rioting Heart    Self-Released

4    Yessica Woahneil*    lo fi love    Self-Released

5    Ian Davies*    New Country    Self-Released

6    Steve Hill    Dear Illusion    Self-Released

7    Cat Clyde*    Down Rounder    Second Prize

8    Will Ryan*    Way On Down The Mountainside    Self-Released

9    Sunny War    Anarchist Gospel    New West

10    Dawn Riding    You’re Still Here    Speakeasy Productions





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