Charts and Hot Wax – January 8, 2024

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Friends, though absent, are still present. Enjoy these new charts and albums.


Librarian’s Choice

Stellarays – Winter Resort Music (LP, Water Green) – Soundohm
StellaraysWinter Resort Music [Castles In Space]
Portugal        Electronic
Winter resort themed library music. I love it.

Music | The Cavernous
CavernousA Very Cavernous Christmas [Self-Released]
Kelowna, BC        Experimental/Ambient
Ambient versions of Christmas songs.

Moka OnlySpooky Beats  N’ Other Treats [Urbnet]
Vancouver, BC        Hip-Hop/Rap
A collection of good, not-that-spooky beats.

VictrixI Saw Me [Rock/Pop]
Calgary, AB       Rock/Pop
Bedroom indie with a dark tinge.
Plains Apparition & Light Bending InWindow To The Soul [Self-Released]
Edmonton, AB        Experimental/Ambient
Just good ambient.


Local Adds

Lesser SlaveThe Sky Accelerates [Self-Released]

Yonghy Bonghy Bo’sYonghy Bonghy Bo’s [Self-Released]
Plains Apparition & Light Bending InWindow To The Soul [Self-Released]

Albert DraperEverything Will Be Ok [Self-Released]

Craig HFears [Self-Released]

Butterfly Heard by Chantelle Marie on Amazon Music -
Chantelle MarieButterfly Heart [Self-Released]


CJSR CHARTS – January 8, 2024

* indicates a Canadian artist.
Artists in red are local!
Chart ranking reflects airplay during the week ending 01-08-2024.

Top 30



1    Shane Ghostkeeper*    Songs For My People    Victory Pool

2    Haviah Mighty*    Crying Crystals    Mighty Gang Inc.

3    Calgareal*    Live en personne    Self-Released

4    Furnace Maintenance*    Heat Pump    Go Rock

5    Apollo Suns*    Departures    Do Right!

6    Lowly Gents, The*    Blue Skies and Better Days    Aardfox

7    Rubim de Toledo*    The Drip    Self-Released

8    The Mountain Goats    Jenny From Thebes    Merge

9    Kipp Stone    66689 BLVD    Closed Sessions

10    Baby Jey*    Crop Circles    Maintenance

11    No Museums*    The Lighter Darker Age    Self-Released

12    Audrey Ochoa    The Head Of A Mouse    Chronograph

13    Land Of Talk*    Performances    Next Door

14    Territories*    Colder Now    Pirates Press

15    Rae Spoon    Not Dead Yet    Coax

16    Autogramm*    Music That Humans Can Play    Stomp

17    Death Cassette*    Get Rid Of It    High End Denim

18    Elisapie*    Inuktitut    Bonsound

19    Nora Kelly Band*    Rodeo Clown    Mint

20    Idle Moon*    NOMAD    Self-Released

21    Atlantis Jazz Ensemble*    Celestial Suite    Marlow

22    Dhaivat Jani PLUS*    Sum // Parts    Self-Released

23    Steph Green*    Lore    Self-Released

24    Gabriel Birnbaum    Nightwater | All The Dead Do Is Dream    Western Vinyl

25    Bully    Lucky For You    Sub Pop

26    Slaughter Beach, Dog    Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling    Lame-O

27    Califone    villagers    Jealous Butcher

28    Sparklehorse    Bird Machine    Anti-

29    Al Menne    Freak Accident    Double Double Whammy

30    Viji    So Vanilla    Speedy Wunderground/PIAS






1    Forest Swords    Bolted    Ninja Tune

2    K Burwash*    Mutualisms 3 & 4    Self-Released

3    The Halluci Nation*    Path of the Heel EP    Radicalized

4    Aster Dawn*    Heresy    Self-Released

5    Lone Bison    Wave Construction    Castles In Space

6    Solotet    Self-(en)titled (deluxe version)    Self-Released

7    Devours*    Homecoming Queen    STG Records

8    Buildings and Food*    Infinity Plus One    Self-Released

9    Pantayo*    Ang Pagdaloy    Telephone Explosion

10    Vanishing Twin    Afternoon X    Fire



Hip Hop



1    Haviah Mighty*    Crying Crystals    Mighty Gang Inc.

2    Kipp Stone    66689 BLVD    Closed Sessions

3    Super Duty Tough Work*    Paradigm Shift    Next Door

4    Ol’ Gorilla Bones x The Dirty Sample*    Revenge Vol. 2    Hand’Solo

5    LTtheMonk*    Uptown Intern #333    Sonic Unyon

6    Slauson Malone 1    EXCELSIOR    Warp

7    Killer Mike    MICHAEL    Loma Vista

8    Butcher Brown    Solar Music    Concord Jazz

9    Violent Ground*    Disarranged    Musique nomade

10    Dope.gng*    NO REASON NOT TO BE    Self-Released






1    Apollo Suns*    Departures    Do Right!

2    Rubim de Toledo*    The Drip    Self-Released

3    Audrey Ochoa    The Head Of A Mouse    Chronograph

4    Idle Moon*    NOMAD    Self-Released

5    Atlantis Jazz Ensemble*    Celestial Suite    Marlow

6    Dhaivat Jani PLUS*    Sum // Parts    Self-Released

7    Sick Boss*    Businessless    Drip Audio

8    Josh Cole*    Kind Mind    Cassiar Records

9    Emad Armoush Duos*    ElectriTradition    Drip Audio

10    George    Letters To George    Out Of Your Head






1    Furnace Maintenance*    Heat Pump    Go Rock

2    Territories*    Colder Now    Pirates Press

3    Death Cassette*    Get Rid Of It    High End Denim

4    Runt*    Mange    Self-Released

5    Alien Boys*    The Weight of it All    Self-Released

6    Audio/Rocketry*    Voyager    Self-Released

7    Civilization Days*    Destinations    Self-Released

8    Spider Bite*    The Rainbow and the Dove    You’ve Changed

9    Psychic Void*    Cemetery Eyes    Self-Released

10    Oxbow    Love’s Holiday    Ipecac






1    Shane Ghostkeeper*    Songs For My People    Victory Pool

2    Elisapie*    Inuktitut    Bonsound

3    Nora Kelly Band*    Rodeo Clown    Mint

4    Safia Nolin*    Collected Singles    Self-Released

5    Bry Webb*    Run With Me    Idée Fixe

6    Cat Power    Cat Power Sings Dylan (The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert)    Domino

7    Ian Davies*    Still Hurts    Self-Released

8    Mike Tod*    Mike Tod LP    Self-Released

9    Aure    A Few Notes    May Way

10    Helena Deland*    Goodnight Summerland    Chivi Chivi





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