CJSR Charts and Hot Wax – April 15, 2024

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Librarian’s Picks

Kee Avil
Spine [Constellation]
Montreal, QC        Rock/Pop
Frighteningly close experimental rock

Missing Scenes
Who Is This For? [Varia]
Portland, OR        Experimental/Ambient
Sleepy, slightly malign ambient

Hyacinth Blue [Self-Released]
Canada        Rock/Pop
Interesting wobbly bedroom pop

Morgan Garrett
Purity [Orange Milk]
Philadelphia, PN        Experimental
Frightening and unstable music. Says it’s his response to finding a neighbour’s dead body, eviscerating his sense of safety and feeling of home.

Kelly Moran
Moves In The Field [Warp]
New York, NY        Classical
Good piano music

Chastity Belt
Live Laugh Love [Suicide Squeeze]
Seattle, WA        Rock/Pop
Solid indie rock

Local Adds

The Way Back WhensLive At The Yardbird Suite [Chronograph]

DillyGreen – Poetry In Motion [Self-Released]

DillyGreenIkigai [Self-Released]

CJSR CHARTS – April 15, 2024

* indicates a Canadian artist.
Artists in red are local!
Chart ranking reflects airplay during the week ending 04-15-2024.

Top 30



1    Moor Mother    The Great Bailout    Anti-

2    Madi Diaz    Weird Faith    Anti-

3    Parlour Panther*    BLOOM    Coax

4    Craig Brenan*    Small Rooms Vol II    Death Defying

5    Craig H*    Fears    Self-Released

6    Sub Lumen*    Supercluster    Self-Released

7    Cléa Vincent    Ad vitam æternamour    Midnight Special Records

8    0stella*    Skyward    Dead Doll

9    Apollo Ghosts*    Amethyst    You’ve Changed

10    Non La*    Like Before    Mint

11    Small Pleasures*    Small Pleasures    Self-Released

12    Daniel Romano’s Outfit*    Too Hot to Sleep    You’ve Changed

13    Elephant Stone*    Back into the Dream    Elephants On Parade

14    Ohama*    13 Electronic Cover Songs    Self-Released

15    Danny Miles*    Beautiful Music    Urbnet

16    DJ Moves*    Pam Grier’s Step Kids    Black Buffalo

17    Ernesto Cervini Turboprop*    A Canadian Songbook    TPR

18    Howlround    A Loop Where Time Becomes    Castles In Space

19    Papooz    Resonate    Half Awake

20    Nabihah Iqbal    Nabihah Iqbal – Dreamer (Remixes)    Ninja Tune

21    Club Angel    Soundbwoy’s Destiny    Astral People

22    Amaro Freitas    Y’Y    Psychic Hotline

23    Waxahatchee    Tigers Blood    Anti-

24    The Dandy Warhols    Rockmaker    Sunset Blvd

25    Bill Fay    Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow    Dead Oceans

26    serpentwithfeet    GRIP    Secretly Canadian

27    Dent May    What’s For Breakfast?    Carpark

28    The Six Parts Seven/Goodmorning Valentine    Kissing Distance    Suicide Squeeze

29    Crêpe Girl    STARGAZING EP    777 Music

30    Black Bouquet    Pray To The Knife    Self-Released






1    Sub Lumen*    Supercluster    Self-Released

2    Ohama*    13 Electronic Cover Songs    Self-Released

3    Nabihah Iqbal    Nabihah Iqbal – Dreamer (Remixes)    Ninja Tune

4    Club Angel    Soundbwoy’s Destiny    Astral People

5    AVI*    EQUINOX EP    Self-Released

6    lokey*    A Return to Kawa    Self-Released

7    Maps    Counter Continuo EP    Mute

8    TATYANA    It’s Over    Sinderlyn Records

9    Valerio Tricoli & Hanno Leichtmann    Cinnte le Dia    NI VUNI CONNU

10    Rich Aucoin*    Synthetic: Season 1 & 2    We Are Busy Bodies



Hip Hop



1    Danny Miles*    Beautiful Music    Urbnet

2    DJ Moves*    Pam Grier’s Step Kids    Black Buffalo

3    Chuck Strangers    A Forsaken Lover?s Plea    Lex

4    Arlo Maverick*    Blue Collar    Self-Released

5    Deviaint and Derayled*    Who Can You Trust? EP    Self-Released

6    Who Shot Scott    BRAIN (Side A)    Tenfold

7    Shabazz Palaces    Exotic Birds Of Prey    Sub Pop


9    R.A.P. Ferreira & Fumitake Tamura    The First Fist to Make Contact When We Dap    Ruby Yacht

10    Munir Griffin    Mu Beats, Vol.3    Self-Released






1    Amaro Freitas    Y’Y    Psychic Hotline

2    Orkestar Kriminal*    Originali    CPL

3    Empanadas Ilegales*    Creepy Mambo: Rooftop Sessions    We Are Time

4    Moonshine & La Fédération Internationale du Bruit*    Noir Fever Présente Moonshine & La Fédération Internationale du Bruit    Noir Fever

5    Farah Kaddour    Bada    Asadun Alay Records

6    SAICOBAB    NRTYA    Thrill Jockey

7    Ziad Rahbani    Amrak Seedna & Abtal Wa Harameyah    WeWantSounds

8    Reyna Tropical    Malegría    Psychic Hotline

9    Danae Olano*    Children’s Corner    Lulaworld Records

10    Chacón*    Solo    Lulaworld Records






1    Craig Brenan*    Small Rooms Vol II    Death Defying

2    Ernesto Cervini Turboprop*    A Canadian Songbook    TPR

3    Amaro Freitas    Y’Y    Psychic Hotline

4    The Way Back Whens*    Live At The Yardbird Suite    Chronograph

5    Will Régnier*    Traces    Self-Released

6    Last Ark Out*    Lift    Self-Released

7    Mercer Hassy Orchestra    Duke’s Place    Self-Released

8    Aimee-Jo Benoit*    Horns of Hope    Chronograph

9    According To The Sound    Pitch    Losen

10    Fumio Itabashi    Watarase    WeWantSounds






1    Striker*    ULTRAPOWER    Record Breaking Records

2    Toxic Fem*    Toxic Fem Just Won’t Shut Up!    Self-Released

3    Strigampire*    All To Dominate    Self-Released

4    Family Man*    ICONOCLAST    Indica

5    Dismania*    Dismania    Dime-Up

6    NO MAN    Glitter and Spit    Iodine

7    Reconciler    Art For Our Sake    Smartpunk Records

8    Ben Frost    Scope Neglect    Mute Artists

9    Dermabrasion*    Pain Behavior    Hand Drawn Dracula

10    Cell Press*    Cages    Self-Released






1    Waxahatchee    Tigers Blood    Anti-

2    Tim Isberg*    Prairier Fire    Self-Released

3    Jessica Heine*    Build Again    Fallen Tree

4    Maude Audet*    Chansons pour toi    Bravo

5    Jennifer E. Brant*    Resilience    Self-Released

6    Mia Dyson    Tender Heart    Self-Released

7    Ellis Bullard    Honky Tonk Ain’t Noise Pollution    Feels So Good Records

8    The Lucky Ones*    A Nickel For The Fiddler EP    Self-Released

9    The Denim Daddies*    Northern Goods    Self-Released

10    Booker Diduck & His Cribbage Club*    Heritage Classic    Self-Released



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