Charts and Hot Wax – May 27, 2024

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Librarian’s Picks

M Wagner
We Could Stay [Extremely Pure]
New York, NY          Electronic
Minimalist ambient techno. Nice textures, danceable trance

Jon Mckiel
Hex [You’ve Changed]
Baie Verte, NB        Rock/Pop
Reminds me of nature for some reason

Maria Chiara Argirò
Closer [Innovative Leisure]
London, UK          Electronic
“engulfing atmospheres, glistening synths and pummelling beats”

Various Artists
Serato Audio Affect Series Beat Tape [Self-Released]
Los Angeles, CA        Electronic/Hip-Hop
Funky and atmospheric beat compilation


Local Adds

None this week

CJSR CHARTS – May 27, 2024

* indicates a Canadian artist.
Artists in red are local!
Chart ranking reflects airplay during the week ending 05-27-2024.

Top 30



1    Corridor*    Mimi    Sub Pop

2    METZ*    Up On Gravity Hill    Dine Alone

3    Einsturzende Neubauten    Rampen: APM (alien pop music)    Potomak

4    The Brenan Brothers*    Valley of Silence    Death Defying

5    Disaster Pony*    Disaster Pony    Lovetown Record

6    Jacob Audrey Taves*    The Remaining Functionality of Abandoned States    Honey Farm

7    Dinah*    Dinah!    Self-Released

8    Unleash The Archers*    Phantoma    Napalm

9    Cloud Nothings    Final Summer    Pure Noise

10    DEHD    Poetry    Fat Possum

11    Odetta Hartman    Swansongs    Transgressive

12    Spike Wilner Trio    Contrafactus    Cellar

13    Sly5thAve    Liberation    Tru Thoughts

14    Saya Gray*    QWERTY II    Dirty Hit

15    Kaunsel*    Pixel Geomety    Honey Farm

16    Scenic Route To Alaska*    Lasts Forever    Self-Released

17    Tim Isberg*    Prairier Fire    Self-Released

18    DillyGREEN*    Ikigai    Self-Released

19    Soft Operator*    Cluster B EP    A Person Disguised As People

20    Radiant Baby*    Porcelaine    Lisbon Lux

21    Grand Public*    Sensations Diversions    Lisbon Lux

22    Gulfer*    Third Wind    Topshelf

23    Daniel Romano’s Outfit*    Too Hot to Sleep    You’ve Changed

24    Teenage Art Scene & Talia Fay*    Get Off The Road    Self-Released

25    Scott Marshall*    The Solitude Suite    Self-Released

26    Ernesto Cervini Turboprop*    A Canadian Songbook    TPR

27    Clarissa Connelly    World of Work    Warp

28    Reyna Tropical    Malegría    Psychic Hotline

29    Chastity Belt    Life Laugh Love    Suicide Squeeze

30    Applied Communications    Applied Communications Has a Midlife Crisis    Self-Released






1    Kaunsel*    Pixel Geomety    Honey Farm

2    Soft Operator*    Cluster B EP    A Person Disguised As People

3    Eamon McGrath & Jacob Audrey Taves*    Lust Never Sleeps, Vol. 4    Cassettes

4    iskwe*    nina    Littlebit

5    Rich Aucoin*    Synthetic: Season 1 & 2    We Are Busy Bodies

6    Eric Hilton    Sound Vagabond    Montserrat House

7    Annie-Claude Deschênes*    LES MANIÈRES DE TABLE    Bonsound / Italians Do It Better

8    Sub Lumen*    Supercluster    Self-Released

9    Ohama*    13 Electronic Cover Songs    Self-Released

10    Phantom Orchid*    Pure Mother    Aubox Records



Hip Hop



1    DillyGREEN*    Ikigai    Self-Released

2    Arlo Maverick*    Blue Collar    Self-Released

3    Danny Miles*    Beautiful Music    Urbnet

4    Mezmurah*    To Whom This May Concern    Well Spoken Good News

5    Revival Season    The Golden Age of Self-Snitching    Heavenly

6    Shabazz Palaces    Exotic Birds Of Prey    Sub Pop

7    R.A.P. Ferreira & Fumitake Tamura    The First Fist to Make Contact When We Dap    Ruby Yacht

8    Los Chicos Criollos*    Tango Sessions    CMNWLTH

9    Jon Connor    III    Self-Released

10    Gumbo    Stir The Pot    A Tiny Universe






1    Reyna Tropical    Malegría    Psychic Hotline

2    Chacón*    Solo    Lulaworld Records

3    NATHALIE JOACHIM    Ki Moun Ou Ye    Nonesuch

4    Empanadas Ilegales*    Creepy Mambo: Rooftop Sessions    We Are Time

5    Kiran Ahluwalia*    Comfort Food    Self-Released

6    Ziad Rahbani    Amrak Seedna & Abtal Wa Harameyah    WeWantSounds

7    Farah Kaddour    Bada    Asadun Alay Records

8    The Scott Stobbe Collection    In Transition    Self-Released

9    Danae Olano*    Children’s Corner    Lulaworld Records

10    Nadah El Shazly    The Damned Don’t Cry    Asadun Alay Records






1    The Brenan Brothers*    Valley of Silence    Death Defying

2    Disaster Pony*    Disaster Pony    Lovetown Record

3    Spike Wilner Trio    Contrafactus    Cellar

4    Sly5thAve    Liberation    Tru Thoughts

5    Scott Marshall*    The Solitude Suite    Self-Released

6    Ernesto Cervini Turboprop*    A Canadian Songbook    TPR

7    The Way Back Whens*    Live At The Yardbird Suite    Chronograph

8    Last Ark Out*    Lift    Self-Released

9    Dan Balmer    When the Night    PJCE

10    Uncultured_Air*    Tide Pools    Self-Released






1    Unleash The Archers*    Phantoma    Napalm

2    Hyloxalus*    Make Me The Heart Of The Black Hole    Self-Released

3    Family Man*    ICONOCLAST    Indica

4    The No Goes*    The No Goes EP    Self-Released

5    Pissed Jeans    Half Divorced    Sub Pop

6    Kelevra*    Oneiric    Self-Released

7    Brass Lip*    Volume 1    Self-Released

8    Ben Frost    Scope Neglect    Mute Artists

9    Cell Press*    Cages    Self-Released

10    Ancient Teeth    Humanizer    Self-Released






1    Tim Isberg*    Prairier Fire    Self-Released

2    Clarissa Connelly    World of Work    Warp

3    The Deep Dark Woods*    Broadside Ballads Vol. III    Victory Pool

4    Mark Dillon*    T.A. Vern’s    Self-Released

5    Bryan Toner*    Remembering Country    Self-Released

6    Sue Foley*    One Guitar Woman    Stony Plain

7    Hurray for the Riff Raff    The Past Is Still Alive    Nonesuch

8    Connie Smith    Love, Prison, Wisdom and Heartaches    Fat Possum

9    Magic Tuber Stringband    Needlefall    Thrill Jockey

10    Eric Bibb    Live at The Scala Theatre    Stony Plain





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