Charts and hot wax – June 17, 2024

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CJSR CHARTS – June 17, 2024

* indicates a Canadian artist.
Artists in red are local!
Chart ranking reflects airplay during the week ending 06-17-2024.

Top 30



1    Cadence Weapon*    Rollercoaster    MNRK Music

2    Einsturzende Neubauten    Rampen: APM (alien pop music)    Potomak

3    The Way Back Whens*    Live At The Yardbird Suite    Chronograph

4    Chastity Belt    Life Laugh Love    Suicide Squeeze

5    Danny Miles*    Beautiful Music    Urbnet

6    METZ*    Up On Gravity Hill    Dine Alone

7    Ellis*    No Place That Feels Like    Self-Released

8    Hot Mud*    Rehab Rock    Self-Released

9    Dump Babes*    Known Liar    Self-Released

10    STRFKR    Parallel Realms    Polyvinyl

11    Seafood Sam    Standing On Giant Shoulders    Drink sum wtr

12    Spike Wilner Trio    Contrafactus    Cellar

13    Diamond Day*    Connect the Dots    Self-Released

14    Jon McKiel*    Hex    You’ve Changed

15    Ohama*    13 Electronic Cover Songs    Self-Released

16    Devarrow*    A Long & Distant Wave    Paper Bag

17    Keegan Powell    Alien Radio    Real Rumpus

18    Grand Public*    Sensations Diversions    Lisbon Lux

19    iskwe*    nina    Littlebit

20    Disaster Pony*    Disaster Pony    Lovetown Record

21    Norine Braun*    Journey Toward Wholeness    Self-Released

22    Ki!    Yong-Gwanglo Part One    Crunchy Frog

23    Teens in Trouble    What’s Mine    Asian Man

24    Yaya Bey    Ten Fold    Big Dada

25    Joywave    Permanent Pleasure    Cult Music

26    Melvins    Tarantula Heart    Ipecac

27    youbet    Way To Be    Hardly Art

28    Sinkane    We Belong    City Slang

29    Trash Fiasco    Exist As Instructed    Self-Released

30    The Sidleys    Sugar Kingdom    My Money






1    Ohama*    13 Electronic Cover Songs    Self-Released

2    iskwe*    nina    Littlebit

3    Bolis Pupul    Letter To Yu    DEEWEE

4    Logic1000    Mother    Therapy

5    Babebee    whatislove2u?    Epitaph

6    Vegyn    The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions    PLZ make it ruins

7    KOKOKO!    BUTU    Transgressive

8    Soft Operator*    Cluster B EP    A Person Disguised As People

9    Annie-Claude Deschênes*    LES MANIÈRES DE TABLE    Bonsound / Italians Do It Better

10    Various    The Audio Affect Series Beat Tape    Self-Released



Hip Hop



1    Cadence Weapon*    Rollercoaster    MNRK Music

2    Danny Miles*    Beautiful Music    Urbnet

3    Seafood Sam    Standing On Giant Shoulders    Drink sum wtr

4    Chuck Strangers    A Forsaken Lover?s Plea    Lex

5    Various    The Audio Affect Series Beat Tape    Self-Released

6    Munir Griffin    Mu Beats, Vol.3    Self-Released

7    Revival Season    The Golden Age of Self-Snitching    Heavenly

8    Jon Connor    III    Self-Released

9    DillyGREEN*    Ikigai    Self-Released

10    Potatohead People*    Eat Your Heart Out    Bastard Jazz






1    Reyna Tropical    Malegría    Psychic Hotline

2    KOKOKO!    BUTU    Transgressive

3    Kiran Ahluwalia*    Comfort Food    Self-Released

4    Danae Olano*    Children’s Corner    Lulaworld Records

5    Chacón*    Solo    Lulaworld Records

6    SAICOBAB    NRTYA    Thrill Jockey

7    Orkestar Kriminal*    Originali    CPL

8    Temporal Waves*    Temporal Waves    People Places

9    Amaro Freitas    Y’Y    Psychic Hotline

10    Farah Kaddour    Bada    Asadun Alay Records






1    The Way Back Whens*    Live At The Yardbird Suite    Chronograph

2    Spike Wilner Trio    Contrafactus    Cellar

3    Disaster Pony*    Disaster Pony    Lovetown Record

4    Ernesto Cervini Turboprop*    A Canadian Songbook    TPR

5    Will Régnier*    Traces    Self-Released

6    Mercer Hassy Orchestra    Duke’s Place    Self-Released

7    The Brenan Brothers*    Valley of Silence    Death Defying

8    Danae Olano*    Children’s Corner    Lulaworld Records

9    Daniel Janke Winter Trio*    Available Light    Chronograph

10    Scott Marshall*    The Solitude Suite    Self-Released






1    Trash Fiasco    Exist As Instructed    Self-Released

2    Unleash The Archers*    Phantoma    Napalm

3    Kelevra*    Oneiric    Self-Released

4    Mannequin Pussy    I Got Heaven    Epitaph

5    One Step Closer    All You Embrace    Run For Cover

6    Dismania*    Ode to the Lost Art of the Slumber Party Massacre    Dime-Up

7    Toxic Fem*    Toxic Fem Just Won’t Shut Up!    Self-Released

8    Les Savy Fav    OUI, LSF    Frenchkiss

9    Pissed Jeans    Half Divorced    Sub Pop

10    Force Model    Found Camera    Bug Body






1    Devarrow*    A Long & Distant Wave    Paper Bag

2    Norine Braun*    Journey Toward Wholeness    Self-Released

3    Clarissa Connelly    World of Work    Warp

4    Tim Isberg*    Prairier Fire    Self-Released

5    The Hypochondriacs*    The Hypochondriacs LIVE    Self-Released

6    Maude Audet*    Chansons pour toi    Bravo

7    The Dead South*    Chains & Stakes    Six Shooter Records

8    Florent Vollant*    Tshitatau    Makusham Musique

9    Avi C. Engel*    Too Many Souls    Self-Released

10    Connie Smith    Love, Prison, Wisdom and Heartaches    Fat Possum





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