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Librarian’s Picks

Prefuse 73
New Strategies for Modern Crime Vol.1 + Vol. 2 [Lex]
New York, NY        Jazz/Electronic
2 discs of cool, funky beat odysseys

Alan Vega
Insurrection [In The Red]
New York, NY        Experimental/Punk
Silent Hill boss music. Member of Suicide.

Yellow House
Psalms of Yellow House [Foreign Family Collective]
Cape Town, South Africa        Rock/Pop
Dark tropical, or goth kokomo

Together We Are One, You And I EP [Big Loud Rock]
Nashville, TN         Rock/Pop
I like a good indie rock album. Nice dynamics.

Storefront Church
Ink & Oil [Self-Released]
Los Angeles, CA        Rock/Pop
Expansive and dramatic

Horsie [Dine Alone]
Toronto, ON        Rock/Pop
Music for falling asleep because you’re so sad. Nice sounds, chill atmospheres.

The dB’s
Stands for deciBels [remaster] [Propeller Sound]
New York, NY        Rock/Pop
A fun, poppy rock album from the 80s

Men Seni Sueymin
BELIEVE [Omnian Music Group]
Almaty, Kazakhstan        Electronic
Electronic dance pop. Sort of like The Knife or Austra

Kronos Quartet
Outer Spaceways Incorporated : Kronos Quartet & Friends Meet Sun Ra [Nonesuch]
San Francisco, CA        Experimental/Jazz
Inspired by the compositions of Sun Ra, the legendary Kronos Quartet tackle questions of the limitations (or lack thereof) of the universe.

Good Looks
Lived Here For A While [Keeled Scales]
Austin, TX         Rock/Pop
More good indie rock. I like his voice and the guitar.



CJSR CHARTS – July 8, 2024

* indicates a Canadian artist.
Artists in red are local!
Chart ranking reflects airplay during the week ending 07-08-2024.

Top 30



1    Softcult    Heaven    Self-Released

2    Norine Braun*    Journey Toward Wholeness    Self-Released

3    Smokey*    Sampler    Lonesome

4    The Way Back Whens*    Live At The Yardbird Suite    Chronograph

5    Broadcast    Spell Blanket – Collected Demos 2006-2009    Warp

6    iskwe*    nina    Littlebit

7    The Deep Dark Woods*    Broadside Ballads Vol. III    Victory Pool

8    Jacob Audrey Taves*    The Remaining Functionality of Abandoned States    Honey Farm

9    The Luvmenauts*    Ephemera    Do Right!

10    Ohama*    13 Electronic Cover Songs    Self-Released

11    Jeremy Gignoux*    Odd Stillness    Self-Released

12    Hovvdy*    Hovvdy    Arts & Crafts

13    Crumb    Amama    Crumb Records

14    Good Morning    Good Morning Seven    Polyvinyl

15    Eamon McGrath & Jacob Audrey Taves*    Lust Never Sleeps, Vol. 4    Cassettes

16    The Brenan Brothers*    Valley of Silence    Death Defying

17    DillyGREEN*    Ikigai    Self-Released

18    Corridor*    Mimi    Sub Pop

19    CALICO*    Northern Girl    Self-Released

20    BIG BRAVE    A Chaos of Flowers    Thrill Jockey

21    Ellis*    No Place That Feels Like    Self-Released

22    Jay Gavin*    Road Ready    Self-Released

23    Kittie*    Fire    Sumerian

24    Minuit Phosphène*    Les enfants fous brillent dans le noir    Self-Released

25    Florent Vollant*    Tshitatau    Makusham Musique

26    Chastity Belt    Life Laugh Love    Suicide Squeeze

27    Shannon And The Clams    The Moon Is In The Wrong Place    Easy Eye Sound

28    King Hannah    Big Swimmer    City Slang

29    Arab Strap    I’m totally fine with it don?t give a fuck anymore    Rock Action

30    Big Special    Postindustrial Hometown Blues    So In De Goot





1    iskwe*    nina    Littlebit

2    Ohama*    13 Electronic Cover Songs    Self-Released

3    Eamon McGrath & Jacob Audrey Taves*    Lust Never Sleeps, Vol. 4    Cassettes

4    Soft Operator*    Cluster B EP    A Person Disguised As People

5    Wolf Saga*    Odayin Pt 1    Red Music Rising

6    Potatohead People*    Eat Your Heart Out    Bastard Jazz

7    Tujiko Noriko    From Tokyo To Naiagara    Keplar

8    Valerio Tricoli & Hanno Leichtmann    Cinnte le Dia    NI VUNI CONNU

9    Bolis Pupul    Letter To Yu    DEEWEE

10    Gryphon Rue    4n_Objx    Self-Released


Hip Hop



1    DillyGREEN*    Ikigai    Self-Released

2    Cadence Weapon*    Rollercoaster    MNRK Music

3    Potatohead People*    Eat Your Heart Out    Bastard Jazz

4    Mezmurah*    To Whom This May Concern    Well Spoken Good News

5    Joe Rocca*    Hybride    Bonsound

6    Los Chicos Criollos*    Tango Sessions    CMNWLTH

7    Cakes Da Killa    Black Sheep    Young Art

8    RiTchie    Triple Digits [112]    AWAL

9    Bktherula    lvl5 p2    Warner

10    Wahid    feast, by ravens    Innovative Leisure





1    SAICOBAB    NRTYA    Thrill Jockey

2    Chacón*    Solo    Lulaworld Records

3    Danae Olano*    Children’s Corner    Lulaworld Records

4    Kiran Ahluwalia*    Comfort Food    Self-Released

5    Reyna Tropical    Malegría    Psychic Hotline

6    Ziad Rahbani    Amrak Seedna & Abtal Wa Harameyah    WeWantSounds

7    Frander    II    Nordic Notes

8    Nadah El Shazly    The Damned Don’t Cry    Asadun Alay Records

9    The Scott Stobbe Collection    In Transition    Self-Released

10    KOKOKO!    BUTU    Transgressive





1    The Way Back Whens*    Live At The Yardbird Suite    Chronograph

2    The Brenan Brothers*    Valley of Silence    Death Defying

3    Alex Pipes    Square One    Self-Released

4    According To The Sound    Pitch    Losen

5    John Kameel Farah & Nick Fraser*    Farahser    Elastic

6    Disaster Pony*    Disaster Pony    Lovetown Record

7    Natasha Blackwood*    Love Songs For Good Machines    Self-Released

8    Ryan Oliver Quartet*    Live In Vancouver    Do Right!

9    Andrew Bird    Sunday Morning Put-On    Loma Vista

10    Harold Land    Choma (Burn)    WeWantSounds





1    Kittie*    Fire    Sumerian

2    Unleash The Archers*    Phantoma    Napalm

3    Victims Family & Nasalrod    In The Modern Meatspace    Nadine

4    Anvil*    One and Only    AFM

5    Kelevra*    Oneiric    Self-Released

6    Les Savy Fav    OUI, LSF    Frenchkiss

7    Hideous Divinity    Unextinct    Century Media

8    One Step Closer    All You Embrace    Run For Cover

9    Cock Sparrer    Hand On Heart    Pirates Press

10    Malphas    Portal    M-Theory Audio





1    Norine Braun*    Journey Toward Wholeness    Self-Released

2    The Deep Dark Woods*    Broadside Ballads Vol. III    Victory Pool

3    CALICO*    Northern Girl    Self-Released

4    Jay Gavin*    Road Ready    Self-Released

5    Florent Vollant*    Tshitatau    Makusham Musique

6    Von Bieker*    DUMB HOPE    Small Enough

7    The Denim Daddies*    Northern Goods    Self-Released

8    Rachel Gleddie*    Hibernate    Self-Released

9    Jennifer E. Brant*    Resilience    Self-Released

10    Shawn William Clarke*    Softer Scissors    Self-Released



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