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It’s too bad you missed the last FACRA meeting. It’s ok, we understand but what you might not get is how thrilled we are, and you should be too, for the upcoming year at CJSR!! Here is a snapshot of a few very critical details…..

– first off, you missed meeting our Station Manager/Executive Director. Her name is Sarah Edwards and let me tell you, she is taking care of business. This woman is probably going to change our lives. I’m pretty sure of it.

– we had an election (if you would like to get in on the voting action or become a member of the board, make sure you attend next year’s annual general meeting). We voted. We won.

  1. President – the honorable Dave Stone
  2. Vice-president – expert internet nerd/doodler Mr. Colin MacIntyre
  3. Treasurer – math guy Martin Levenson
  4. Secretary – Maureen Workman (she come to us from CKUA where she was the volunteer coordinator for 10 years)
  5. Maureen will also Chair the Board Recruitment committee, as well as serve on the Policy Committee w/ Martin.
  6. Martin will Chair the Finance and Capital Purchases Committee.
  7. Angela Mason will Chair the HR Committee.
  8. Community Relations Committee will be handled by party people Sarah Patterson and Ramneek Tung, Chaired by DJ David Stone.

– we are still short one Board member and we would love to be in the company of someone with a law or accounting background.
– massive thank-yous to ex-board member/CJSR HR expert Melanie for Chairing the meeting, to our attendees Tammy (host of Hamster Tales), Steve Newsroom Representative, and Kinnar who was our first Skype attendee. Kinnar is the student representative for the Faculty of Sainte-Jean.
– FUNDRIVE DATES: Wed. Oct. 26 – Sat. Nov. 5th !!!! Nous sommes si excites!


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