NCRA Award Winners

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Congrats to the CJSR volunteers who brought home SIX national awards in November!

The National Campus and Community Radio Association gave out their annual awards in an online gala, and CJSR volunteers won and got honourable mentions in many categories.

Breaking Barriers: 
CJSR-FM: Michelle Deng and Wen Chan – Asian Representation

Honourable Mentions
CFUV-FM: Nicole Watts
CJSR-FM: Andrea Weibe

CJSR-FM: Dylan Hall – Terra Informa – The Perils and Responsibilities of Science Communication

Honourable Mentions
CJSW-FM: Darren Krause – Live Wired
CJSR-FM: Elizabeth Dowdell – Terra Informa – CBC Change the Debate

The Neskie Manuel Award For Aboriginal Affairs And Culture Programming: 
CJSR-FM: Diana Chiang Jurado – Métis Bilingualism

Honourable Mentions
CJSR-FM: Amanda Rooney and Charlotte Thomasson – Treaty , Climate Change, and Relationship

Creative Production:
CITR-FM: Alex de Boer – A Century of Radio

Honourable Mentions
CJSR-FM: Charlotte Thomasson – All About Birds
CJSW-FM: Adora Nwofor, Wendy Warchola, Tyra Sanderson, Michael Ellsworth, Nicoya Schmidt – Black History Month

CITR-FM: Max Collins – Dragged Out

Honourable Mentions
CJSR-FM: Johann Pitter Rangel, Maelys Garcia Hernandez and Karen Gomez Orozco – Venezuelan Diaspora Experiences Abroad
CJLY-FM: Tanya Coad, Anni Holtby & Laura Sacks – Climate of Change: A Greener Path for Alberta

The Award for best Indie or Rock Music Show:
CJSR-FM: Dana Wight – Ex Libris – “James Bond”

Honourable Mentions
CFUZ-FM: Derek Cumming – The Peach Pit
CFFF-FM: Charlie Watson & Meara Watson – Rock & Roll Princesses Interview Garbageface

Syndicated Radio Show:
 CJSR-FM: Sofia Osborne – Investigating In Alberta

Best In Sports Broadcasting:
 CJSR-FM, Autumn Moronchuk – Athletics and Feminism

We’re so proud of these outstanding student and community volunteers!


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