Off World

Mondays, 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm | Hosted by Jacob Audrey Taves

Off-World brings anarcho-futurist vibes to Edmonton’s airwaves.

Drawing from my travel and tour experience in the illegal, semi-legal and squat art scenes, I’ll choose tracks that represent those eclectic and diverse environments and the social gatherings that happen in them. These are free spaces (is it still cool to use the term “Temporary Autonomous Zone”?) populated by punks, ravers, outsider jazzers and new media artists, technicians and trades people, many of whom are refugees and foreigners with and without papers working outside the confines of the mainstream marketplace, fuelled by an underground cash economy.  Expect to hear left field dance music, extreme punk, squelches from home made equipment and sound collages as well as many different languages and a large queer representation. The unifying factors in music selection will be a diversity of input and antifascist politics.   



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