You should totally elect to listen

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Albertans vote for a new provincial government on May 5. And from April 21-24, we’ve got a full meal deal of CJSR election coverage.

You can tune in to any old station to hear who’s imploding in the polls, and what Jim Prentice’s hair is like on the campaign trail. But only the CJSR News Department will give you this delectable spread of looks at the provincial election:

  • Terra Informa asks the parties where they stand on environmental issues (Tuesday April 21/ 5 PM)
  • All That Matters imagines what it would be like if artists ran the show (Wednesday April 22/ 5 PM)
  • Radio Laugh of Medusa asks how parties could better support gender equality in sports (Thursday April 23/ 5:30 PM)
  • Adamant Eve asks how parties try to appeal to female voters (Friday April 24/ 5:30 PM)

It’s #ElectionsWeek. Tune in. Get learned. Vote May 5.

(Photo credit: Micheal J)


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