FACRA Minute

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Missed the meeting? Stay in the loop with FACRA! FACRA-in-a-hurry!

  • we are working on a new partnership with AICT to design a brand-spanking new superstar website
  • we have hired a STATION MANAGER/EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR! Sarah Edwards’ first day is June 18th! Excite!
  • sadly, Kevin Wilson has handed over his FACRA presidency chair. We will miss him soo much 🙁 crying
  • the Anual General Meeting is likely to be held Wed. June 29th at 7pm. Thanks to Aaron Pooke for offering to help with the posters!
  • volunteer awards/mingle with Sarah Edwards PARTY is to be held in July, details to follow.
  • Chad is awesome. So are the volunteers who are helping him run the music library while he is on holidays. I wonder what he will bring us?
  • the cookies were delicious. Thanks Leah!
  • word of the meeting? “pithy”
  • doodles drawn? Batman
  • next meeting in June. Stay tuned…….


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